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Posted on 07-15-2013

Chiropractic Solutions for Plantar Fasciitis

plantar fasciitis treatment in San JoseSore feet can make running, jumping, walking or even standing a torturous activity. Many people go through life with this complaint convinced that it is somehow normal for them or that they simply have "bad feet," when in fact they have a treatable, correctable condition known as plantar fasciitis. Here at Insight Chiropractic we understand this common cause of chronic foot pain -- and how to correct it.

Plantar fasciitis takes its name from the plantar fascia, a strong band of tissue that extends from the ball of the foot to the heel. This is the ligament responsible for maintaining the medial arch that gives your foot the flexibility and support necessary to bear your weight. The foot actually has three arches, but the medial arch is the big one that everyone is familiar with. When the ligament becomes inflamed, you may experience significant pain in the arch that feels worse when you first walk on it in the morning. While the pain may ease somewhat during the day, however, it will stay with you until the underlying cause is dealt with.

Many factors can contribute to plantar fasciitis, including ill-fitting shoes that offer insufficient support, an acute injury, or a job that requires you to stand all day. You may also have a spinal misalignment or musculoskeletal imbalance that distributes your body to your feet improperly; obesity can aggravate this problem. You might even have a congenital issue such as "flat feet" or high arches. Some or all of these influences can work together to produce chronically tired, aching feet.

The Chiropractic Path to Foot Wellness

Our Los Gatos chiropractor, Dr. Forster, has a detailed understanding of the delicate joints and soft tissues of the extremities, and how structural problems elsewhere in the body can affect their ability to function. We may prescribe spinal adjustments, ice, massage, orthotics or lifestyle changes to relieve the stress on your plantar fascia. Let us restore your feet to wellness!

What activity hurts your feet the most? 

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Dr. Jen helped me fully recover from a car accident when my primary care physician, long-term physical therapy, and therapeutic massage had no benefit at all. I've had really mixed experiences with chiropractors in the past (mostly unhelpful), but Dr. Jen knows techniques that were very effective and restored full range of motion to my neck without pain. I am beyond grateful and have referred one of my best friends to her; the friend is just as delighted as I am. In addition to being uniquely effective, Dr. Jen provides the perfect balance between nurturing human warmth and professional efficiency. I think she's amazing.

Dan H.
San Jose, CA

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