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Senior Chiropractic Care

Senior Chiropractic Care Improves Mobility, and Reduces Risk for Accidental Falls

At Insight Chiropractic, we strongly believe that chiropractic care is beneficial for individuals of all ages, including senior citizens. The older we become, the more aches and pains we seem to face on a daily basis. Many individuals mistakenly believe that mobility restrictions and chronic pain is just a natural part of aging. At Insight chiropractic, we know that’s not the case! Our San Jose wellness center is one of the only local practices to offer senior services, including gentle chiropractic care and senior fitness. Chiropractic treatment for seniors helps the gracefully aging body, naturally manages pain, and improves balance. Thanks to our San Jose senior care, we help older patients enjoy a higher quality of life.

San Jose Chiropractic for Senior Benefits Include Drug-Free Pain Management

Many older Americans suffer from arthritis or chronic pain that limits mobility. At Insight Chiropractic, we believe that chronic pain does not have to be part of the aging process. Gentle chiropractic care is a safe and effective way to treat many of the aches and pains we normally associate with aging. Regular spinal care relieves pain caused by conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis. Maintaining proper spinal alignment supports a healthy nervous system and immune system, which in turn decreases inflammation within the body and minimizes chronic pain.

Maintaining mobility and balance are two of the biggest challenges that seniors face as they age. Elderly individuals with poor balance are more likely to suffer a serious slip or fall, which may shatter the pelvis or lead to permanent mobility restrictions. Waking up stiff and sore makes it difficult to lead an active lifestyle, play with grandchildren, enjoy a round of golf or tennis game, or simply take a walk through the neighborhood. As part of our senior care services, Insight Chiropractic offers senior fitness and physical therapy exercises. These exercises build core muscle strength, which relieves back pain and improves posture. Physical therapy for senior benefits include: better balance, coordination, and flexibility; which decreases the risk for an accidental slip or fall.

Our San Jose chiropractic senior services are a healthy alternative to pain management medications. Anti-inflammatory medications cannot “cure” your pain – these medications only mask the symptoms of chronic pain. Spinal care is different. Thanks to regular chiropractic adjustments, some of our elderly patients are able to discontinue certain pain medications because they are now healthy enough to no longer need these drugs!

At Insight Chiropractic team, we recognize that every individual faces unique pain management, mobility and wellness challenges. That’s why all of our treatments are tailored to meet each patient’s specific health needs. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain, are worried about poor balance, or searching for a drug-free alternative for managing arthritis pain, our San Jose senior services can help.

Don’t let chronic pain and mobility restrictions compromise your golden years. Take back control of your health with chiropractic treatment for seniors. Contact our San Jose chiropractor to learn more!

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  • "Dr. Jen helped me fully recover from a car accident when my primary care physician, long-term physical therapy, and therapeutic massage had no benefit at all. I've had really mixed experiences with chiropractors in the past (mostly unhelpful), but Dr. Jen knows techniques that were very effective and restored full range of motion to my neck without pain. I am beyond grateful and have referred one of my best friends to her; the friend is just as delighted as I am. In addition to being uniquely effective, Dr. Jen provides the perfect balance between nurturing human warmth and professional efficiency. I think she's amazing."
    Dan H. San Jose, CA

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