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Active Release Technique

Active Release Techniques

San Jose Active Release Technique

Tissue Injury Repair and Recovery Through Chiropractic

ART in San Jose for Muscle Adhesions and Back Pain Relief

Patients who undergo Active Release Technique or ART typically suffer from adhesions. Adhesions occur when the body produces a crude form of scar tissue in a desperate attempt to heal a muscle or tendon injury. This scar tissue may clump together at the injury site and even “glue” neighboring tissues to each other. This effect causes severe restriction of movement in the area, and you may feel pain and stiffness when you try to flex the affected body part. 

In addition to limiting range of motion, adhesions interfere with the healing process by slowing the transfer of oxygen and other vital nutrients to the injured tissues. Adhesions may also occur as a complication of surgery or personal injury or a slow accumulation of numerous tiny tears in the tissue fibers due to repetitive stress. Active Release Technique enables us to break up adhesions that grip onto connective tissue fibers. An ART relies solely on the practitioner's trained hands to evaluate and break up the excess scar tissue by applying precise amounts of tension while the patient moves their affected part according to the practitioner's instructions.

The technique includes more than 500 specific moves for stretching the tissues until the affected tendons, ligaments, nerves or muscles are freed from the web of scar tissue, providing natural, drug-free relief from longstanding chronic pain and mobility problems. 

Our San Jose chiropractor, Dr. Forster, is trained, certified and experienced in this technique and can actually feel the adhesions underneath your skin as she evaluates your tissue injury. An athlete herself, she understands the discomfort and limitations scar tissue can impose on your body’s performance.

Once she has isolated the adhesion, she can gently stretch and manipulate the afflicted muscles or tendons to free them from their scar tissue restrictions. Patients typically experience back pain relief and other welcome relief from pain soon after the treatment, though we may also wish to apply other corrective therapies to address any underlying issues that made the patient prone to injury in the first place.

Adhesions can significantly impair quality of life, but there is no reason to continue to live with them.

We encourage anyone in the San Jose area seeking foot, limb or back pain relief to schedule a consultation at our clinic.

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  • "Dr. Jen helped me fully recover from a car accident when my primary care physician, long-term physical therapy, and therapeutic massage had no benefit at all. I've had really mixed experiences with chiropractors in the past (mostly unhelpful), but Dr. Jen knows techniques that were very effective and restored full range of motion to my neck without pain. I am beyond grateful and have referred one of my best friends to her; the friend is just as delighted as I am. In addition to being uniquely effective, Dr. Jen provides the perfect balance between nurturing human warmth and professional efficiency. I think she's amazing."
    Dan H. San Jose, CA

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